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National Line™/ ATLAS® Internal Components

  • Pressure & Tube Plates
    • Patented Closed Cavity Manufacturing Process (CCBM)
        • Manufactured of Vinyl ester Resin (F.R.P.)
        • Improved Mechanical Properties Over Traditional F.R.P. or Plastics
        • Superior Corrosion Resistance
  • Patented Filter Tubes
    • Polyester Cloth Septum
      • Heat Set Weave Highly Resistant to Movement
      • Double Layer of Septum Cloth in High Stress Areas
    • ABS Plastic Septum Support
      • Elongated Body w/ 6 Longitudinal Ribs Extending Radially from Hub
      • Edges of Core Rounded to Reduce Wear on Cloth Septum
  • Patented Influent Manifold
    • Divergent Outlet Ports w/ Cowls
      • Provides Precise Directional Flow Control
      • Assures Uniform Flow Pattern
    • Reliable Dispersion of Filter Media During Precoat Cycle
    • Dramatically Reduces Wear of Filter Tubes
  • Backwash Drain
    • Provides Complete Purging of Spent Filter Media
      • Slopped Self-Draining Bottom Drain Plate
    • Slopped 45º Grooved Pipe Connection
    • Prevents Build-Up and Solidification of Filter Media

National Line™/ ATLAS® Bulk Precoat Components

  • The National Line™/ ATLAS® Regenerative Media Bulk Precoat System is available in 30”, 42” and 48” tank diameters. The Bulk Precoat System can be used for single tank, multiple tank and/ or multiple system installations. The system comes complete with a bulk precoat mix tank, ¾ Hp mixer, slurry transfer pump and a dry media vacuum system c/w an air operated vacuum eductor and air compressor.

National Line™/ ATLAS® Automatic Regenerative Media Filter Systems

  • Patent No. US 5,441,633; US 6,401,938 B1; US 6,537,449 B2; Can. 1,296,262

    National Line™/ ATLAS® filter tanks are constructed of Fiberglass Reinforced Isophthalic or Vinylester Resin (F.R.P.)and manufactured to ASTM and ASME tank standards using molded surfaces for all critical dimensions. The tanks aretotally non-corrosive and have a high gloss gel-coat finish with UV protection. The filter systems are designed for working pressures of 100 PSIG with a minimum 4 to 1 safety factor.

    The filter systems are shipped with all internal components in a fully assembled state. All National Line™/ ATLAS® filterdesigns come with uniquely placed integrally molded influent, effluent and drain connections, 6” integrally molded clear acrylic viewing windows, integrally molded F.R.P. saddle support, PVC face piping, davit and molded pressure gauge panelwith two (2) panel mount gauges.